‘Top Gun 2′ will pit Tom Cruise against drones

Cinema always reflects our anxieties back onto us, so it’s no surprise to see that the Top Gun sequel will involve unmanned aerial vehicles. Producer David Ellison told Collider that Tom Cruise will return to the series that made him famous, with a s…


As Competition With YouTube Increases, Facebook Overhauls Its Video Analytics

videos-tab-in-page-insights-views-graph It’s been said that Facebook Video is becoming bigger than YouTube, as brands upload more video directly to the social network than ever before. Now, Facebook is catering to the needs of video publishers with the launch of a new Videos tab in Page Insights, which will allow publishers to better track the performance of videos across data ranges, along with other data, in a more… Read More


Craigslist, 3taps Settle Their Scraping/Antitrust Suits; 3taps To Pay $1M To Be Donated To The EFF

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 16.28.11 A week after Craigslist finally got its emancipation from eBay, some closure on another long-standing legal battle for the listings site: the local listings giant has now finally reached a settlement with big data company 3taps over claims that 3taps and companies using its data were scraping and stealing Craigslist IP, and counterclaims from 3taps that Craigslist was violating antitrust laws. Read More


Uber France CEO taken into custody in wake of protests

After days of violent protests and defiance on the part of Uber’s French management, two of the company’s employees were taken into custody for “illicit activity” today. Uber France CEO Thibaut Simphal and Uber European GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty we…


Gumroad – Next Gen Game Art Production

Part 1: Building the High Poly Wheel This is the first section of a two part tutorial series covering the entire process for creating the textured low poly wheel above. The project is presented in real time, and narrated throughout. It covers building base meshes in 3DS Max and combining them using various modeling techniques […]