Drones hindered firefighting efforts in California

The aerial firefighters deployed to put out a large wildfire in San Bernardino County on Friday were forced to jettison their loads and ultimately land their planes and helicopters. Why? Because a handful of drone owners thought it would be a great i…

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How I Got Wooed By Startups As An Intern

hiring My life changed when I got a job at a startup. I was 19 years old and had just finished my first year at the University of Michigan. By some stroke of luck I managed to land a software engineering internship at a venture capital-backed startup called UpTo. Located in downtown Detroit, I actually stayed on with them on and off throughout most of college. Read More

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Theranos Gains FDA Approval To Test For Herpes Outside The Lab

Elizabeth_Holmes_Photo1 You could test your blood for health related disease in the comfort of your home soon. Theranos, the startup that only requires a few drops of blood to test for hundreds of different health-related diseases, received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to test for herpes simplex 1 outside of the lab. The FDA granted Theranos the ability to test using its proprietary finger-prick… Read More

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The Message Is The Medium: Reasons ‘Assistants-as-App’ Work

8041061787_6c4a17e873_k On a typical day, I’ll chat with colleagues on Slack. Later, I’m sure to receive a message from a friend on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Then, on my way home, I’ll use good old SMS to let my wife know I’m on my way. What’s been absent from these conversations is commerce. Although messaging is the way users communicate with each other, it’s not how… Read More

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The Future Of Podcasting

2743534799_e1c988d6be_b   Podcasting is having a celebrity moment: Serial’s Sarah Koenig has appeared on The Colbert Report; Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on the Tim Ferriss show; and, most recently, Barack Obama visited Marc Maron’s garage to appear on his WTF podcast. The $65 Billion Question Beneath the headlines, however, we see conflicting stats that lead us to ask whether podcasting is truly… Read More