Ferrari 812GTS and F8 Spider

Ferrari has introduced two roadsters in a row. Both 812GTS and F8 Spider feature a retractable metal roof. The F8’s are more or less carried over from its predecessor 458 and 488 Spider, but the 812GTS is the first production V12 roadster for Maranello since Daytona 365GTS/4, which was launched exactly 50 years ago, although Ferrari did build a small batch of 575M Superamerica and 599 SA Aperta.

Naturally, both cars are mechanically the same as their coupe sisters, but the retractable roofs add weight, i.e. 70kg to the V8 or 75kg to the V12. They take 0.1 more second to go from 0-60, but anything under 3 seconds are still very fast.

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