BBC loses the rights to the Olympics

Think of the Olympics and you’ll likely remember catching some action on the BBC. The Beeb has helped televise the Games since 1948 and delivered more coverage than ever before in 2012, but from 2020, it may no longer be involved. The International O…


Google Maps to include every US railroad crossing

US Railway crossing accidents are up sharply over last year, but the Federal Railway Administration (FRA) is about to get some high-tech help. Google’s Maps will soon include the locations of every public and private highway rail crossing location in…


Facebook’s Snapchatty New Photo Uploader Lets You Overlay Text And More

Facebook Photo Stickers And Text Face it. Your photos aren’t all that interesting. But Facebook’s going to help you jazz them up with its shiny new photo uploader, which is now available for most users on iOS and is testing on Android. It lets you add overlaid text in any color, instantly preview filters that you swipe across your photos, or paste Facebook’s stickers on top. Facebook offered more standard… Read More


Digital Tutors – Modeling a Hard Surface Sci-Fi Asset in 3ds Max

Software: 3Ds Max 2015 – Format: mp4 – Project files: Included – Duration: 2h 33m In this 3ds Max tutorial, we’ll go over modeling and production pipeline workflows on how to quickly model a Sci-Fi mesh. We’ll cover topics such as design block outs, creating an interesting silhouette, rules of 3, how to make functional designs […]


Zillionarts Workshop – Realistic Digital Painting

Software: Photoshop – Format: mp4 – Project files: Included – Size: 6.2GB “Realistic Digital Painting” is the only digital workshop with live recording that demonstrates the process of creating a stunning photo-realistic painting in photoshop from start to finish. The author demonstrates his techniques and shares his experience while creating the master piece. Any artist […]


Mootzoid emReader v.1.235 for Maya 2012-2015

emReader is a plugin which loads indexed geometry cache files. The geometry cache files are only referenced (instead of imported) and directly passed to the 3D application or the renderer when needed. http://www.mootzoid.com/plugin/emreader