Audi RS7 and A7 plug-in hybrid

Following sister car RS6 Avant, RS7 is also unveiled. Unsurprisingly, they are virtually the same car under different clothes. The V8 produces the same 600hp and is supported with the same 48V mild-hybrid system. 0-60 in claimed to take just 3.5 seconds, while top speed is up to 190mph. The suspension and other performance mechanicals are also the same as the RS6.

Meanwhile, Audi introduces a plug-in hybrid version of A7 called 55 TFSI e Quattro. It employs only a 252hp 2.0TFSI four-cylinder engine, but mate with a 143hp electric motor to generate a combined output of 367hp and 369lbft. It is good for 0-60 in 5.4 seconds. The 14kWh battery enables an EV-range of more than 40km, so to qualify for tax reduction in Germany.

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