Jul 9, 2017

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Snap falls below its IPO price for the first time

 Oh Snap. The Snapchat parent had a difficult day on the stock market, closing at $16.99. It’s officially fallen below its $17 IPO price for the first time. This is significant because it means that overall, public investors have lost money on the company since its March IPO. A money-losing reputation can be hard to recover from. Read More

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LWCAD Lite 5.2 released

(Updated) WTools3D lite edition of LWCAD for 3DS Max and Cinema 4D is now out of beta. Previously released for 3DS Max under the name FuturArch, LWCAD is a cross platform version of the popular suite of architectural modelling tools originally released for Lightwave 3D. The lite edition features a s…

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Fast Architecture 2.0

Christophe Blattmann has released Fast Architecture 2.0, a scripted tool for 3DS Max to create procedural buildings. The geometry plugin has  controls for columns, windows, frames, balconies, roof, base and more. Each element is automatically assigned material IDs for the easy allocation of material…


Vexus 2.1 available

New features in v2.1 of Boomer Labs’ and John Martini’s scene assembler and render pass manager for 3DS Max include:…