Jul 2, 2017

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AdvArray modifer

Tim Catalano has released AdvArray, a new commercial modifier that brings advanced parametric array features to 3DS Max. Features include:…

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GSK will use supercomputers to develop new drugs

Developing a new drug is a long, complicated and expensive process that takes years before you get to the human trial. There’s a hope that computers will be able to simulate the majority of the process, greatly reducing the cost and time involved. Th…


What we’re using in July

There’s a difference between what we test and write about for the site, and what Engadget editors actually decide to lay down their own cash for. Outside work hours, and when the review samples go back to the companies, what are our writers using? Wh…

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AdHawk aims to take the complexity out of Facebook and Google advertising

AdHawk team After more than a year in beta testing, AdHawk has opened its doors to all advertisers. The company helps businesses manage their Facebook and Google advertising campaigns. It’s a world that co-founders Todd Saunders (AdHawk’s CEO) and Dan Pratt (its COO) know well, having formerly worked on the AdWords team at Google. AdHawk brings the data from your different campaigns together in… Read More

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DeepMind’s data deal with the NHS broke privacy law

An NHS Trust broke the law by sharing sensitive patient records with Google’s DeepMind division, the UK’s data watchdog has ruled. The long-awaited decision falls in line with the conclusion drawn by Dame Fiona Caldicott, the UK’s National Data Guard…


Gaming smartphones are still a thing in China

If you’ve been searching for a crossover between a smartphone and a PS Vita, look no further. In China, a company by the name of iReadyGo had been making Android-powered gaming handhelds for years — you may recall its shameless PS Vita ripoff back i…

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Microsoft’s cloud focus could mean yet more layoffs

Microsoft is going through another reorganization that could result in “thousands” of layoffs, particularly to its sales force, according to TechCrunch, Bloomberg and others. The company is reportedly shifting teams around to emphasize Azure cloud sa…


The Morning After: Monday, July 3rd 2017

Hey, good morning!

Yes, it’s Monday, but you might’ve missed some interesting things over the weekend: kangaroos that confuse self-driving cars, some ‘Zelda’ DLC that’s a perfect fit and a new Sony smartphone that could be a contender.


Microsoft’s canceled Surface Mini shows up in photos

In the heady days of 2014, Microsoft had a dream of launching a smaller version of its nascent Surface tablets. The Surface Mini was a passion project of division chief Panos Panay, but it was axed by CEO Satya Nadella and EVP Stephen Elop shortly be…