May 2017

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MaxToBlender released

The developer of MaxToC4D, MaxToMaya, MaxToModo and C4DtoMax has released a tool for transferring 3DS Max scenes to Blender. The plugin allows for quick transfer of Max scenes to Blender, solving common import/export problems automatically. It also offers automatic conversion of scenes with V-Ray ma…

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V-Ray for Modo 3.5 is out

New features in Chaos Group’s V-Ray renderer for Modo include: up to 7x faster rendering in scenes with many lights, improved GPU rendering, AlSurface material with layered SSS and glossy fresnel reflections, physically-accurate Glossy Fresnel reflection model, and Texture Isolate for easier t…

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XRemesher released

Jerome Moab has released a free remeshing script for 3DS Max based on the Instant Meshes library. The script offers two modes: A batch process mode that uses the command line of Instant Meshes, but has fewer options; and a mode that allows you to send and open the mesh inside instant meshes, allowin…

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Nuke PTracker

John Martini has released a new script for 3ds Max that allows users create Nuke Point Trackers from animated objects. The tool generates a 2D screen space point tracker for any selected object in 3ds Max and saves a .nk file or copies it to the clipboard for pasting directly into a Nuke comp. The p…

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Cycles for 3DS Max plugin beta 1.00

The latest version of Jeffrey Witthuhn’s Cycles for Max bridge plugin brings new features, fixes and support for Max 2018. More on the plugin’s website….


3d-io releases 2018 plugin updates, new features added

3d-io announced that its plugins Unwrella, UV-Packer, Flatiron, Spotmask and BonesPro have been updated for full compatibility with 3DS Max 2018, plus the company has incorporated numerous improvements and fixes. Here is the complete list of changes:…

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Channel Chimp for Modo

Channel Chimp is a new add-on by Apptastic Software that lets you control Modo using external input devices including game controllers, touch screen tablets and smartphones, MIDI, and OSC. More on Apptastic Software‘s and the Foundry‘s websites….

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Facebook downranks News Feed links to crappy sites smothered in ads

 Facebook will bury links to low-quality websites and refuse to carry ads pointing to them in a News Feed algorithm change announced today. Facebook defines a ‘low-quality site’ as one “containing little substantive content, and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads.” This includes hosting pop-up and interstitial ads, adult ads, or eye-catching but… Read More

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Logan texturing workflows with Substance Painter

Allegorithmic speaks with Andrew Palmer of Rising Sun Pictures, about the use of Substance Painter on the recently released film, Logan. You can read the full interview on the Allegorithmic website. (Note: expect questions aimed at advertising Allegorithmic’s software)…