November 2016

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ITree Generator preview

Ishak Suryo Laksono has posted a preview video for a  promising looking new Maxscript for modelling animated trees. Watch it on YouTube….

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RayFire 1.69 with Bullet physics

The latest version of Mir Vadim’s destruction kit plugin for 3DS Max brings support for the open source Bullet physics engine. It provides support for Rigid Body simulations, and allows to use the same dynamic simulation features supported by PhysX engine, except Constraints. The next RayFire …

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Realtime rolling Deformer

Cyrill Calbac has posted an R&D test he is working on for a scripted, realtime rolling deformer in 3DS Max. Watch it on Vimeo….

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Fabric for 3DS Max preview

Fabric Engine has posted a preview of Fabric, and their Fabric rigging tool, Kraken, for 3DS Max. Watch it on Vimeo….

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Data Flow dust map, sweat map, and rim map

Vu Nguyen has released 3 new presets for the Data Flow modifier introduced in 3DS Max 2017.1 that affect the vertex colour channels to simulate dust maps, rim maps and sweat maps. The latter works in concert with a new MCG that selects vertices based on their collision with other objects. DCP Sweatm…


SiNi Software releases new plugins

SiNi Software has released three new plugins for 3DS Max: IgNite, ProxSi and SiClone. IgNite is a toolset UI that aims to assist with your modelling, animation and rendering workflow. ProxSi is an advanced universal proxy tool, and SiClone offers the ability to array multiple objects with different …

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HitFilm Pro 2017 brings 32-bit color, 8K support

FXHome has released a significant update to its compositing, editing and VFX software. New features include: 8K and 32-bit floating point color support (including OpenEXR import and export), audio mixing tools, auto-sync feature for automatic synchronization of video and audio files, export queue, s…