February 2016

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‘Rock Band 4′ is coming to the PC with your help

If you wailed when you heard that Rock Band 4 wasn’t coming to the PC, it’s time to wipe those tears away — you now have a chance to make it happen. Harmonix has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to bring its latest music game to Windows systems th…

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Amazon UK to deliver fresh food with new Morrisons deal

Instead of taking the UK’s supermarkets head-on, Amazon has decided to ally with them in order to boost the popularity of its Pantry service. The site, launched in November last year, allows Prime subscribers to remotely order more than 4,000 product…

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ICYMI: Rogue wave detection, exo-glove and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at Seoul National University developed the Exo-Glove Poly, which can help wearer’s perform difficult tasks like opening doors or grasping delicate objects. MIT built an algorithm to help detect rogue wave…