October 2015

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Boris Continuum Complete 10 available

Boris FX has released v10 of its collection of VFX and compositing plugins for Avid. Versions compatible with Adobe, Apple and OFX are coming later this year. New filters and features include:…


Modo 901 SP3 available

The Foundry has released Service Pack 3 for Modo 901, which brings many bug fixes. Check out the list of changes and known issues that are still pending….


The After Math: Splitting things down the middle

So much happened this week! There was the bisecting Ultimate Hacking Keyboard, Amazon’s Destinations site which lasted just half a year, a bunch of products that cost exactly $50 (aka half a Benjamin) and, of course, the best trolling of the year….


ICYMI: Draw-an-instrument, levitating light and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: A conductive-ink pen and matching sensor from Japan allows you to draw an instrument on any piece of paper. Carnegie Mellon scientists invented the Ballbot: A robot that moves and balances on a single spherical wheel…