September 2015


Intro to Formbashing

1 Video Preview – 1 Insert Multi Mesh BatBrush – 3 FullHD jpg wallpapers Discover the power of Formbashing in this short video preview. As bonus you will get three full HD wallpapers and FREE zBrush IMM brush with BatLogo inspired forms, plus basic collection of hard form panels and weapons. DOWNLOAD:


Logitech’s Circle camera is a portable Dropcam-killer

If you were disappointed by Nest’s minor update to Dropcam’s home monitoring cameras, Logitech might have just what you’re looking for. The new Logi Circle is a home monitoring camera similar with a unique twist: You can unplug it from power and st…


Apple Music and iTunes Movies hit China today

Folks in China don’t have access to the record-breaking iPhone 6s until October, but Apple’s making sure they they’ll be able to get their hands on iBooks, Apple Music and iTunes Movies ahead of that. Those services are available starting today, an…


The first official ‘X-Files’ trailer is out there

The wait is nearly over, X-Files fans! We’re just a few short months from the debut of the new X-Files. Like the original series, this six episode mini-season is being produced by Chris Carter. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their lead…

No Picture

Why Snapchat’s Only Non-Ephemeral Content, The Profile GIF, Is A Big Deal

Snapchat Profile GIF Not everything on Snapchat disappears. As much as the app wants memories to span just 10 seconds and live for just 24 hours, one piece of content doesn’t self destruct. The profile GIF. And through its permanence, Snapchat has found a way solve a major problem with its identity system and social graph.
Snapchat quietly added the profile GIFs in July alongside the flashier shift from… Read More