May 2015


Digital Tutors – Retopology Techniques in Maya LT

Duration: 1h1m – Software: Maya – Project files: Included With the advent of the high-resolution sculpting workflow, the modeled assets we create can sometimes be difficult to work with in their native state. For this reason, various tools are typically used to create a new, pipeline-friendly topology for the model. There are different methods for […]

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Modo 901 MeshFusion new features videos

Darrel Anderson, developer of MeshFusion, has posted three videos showing UI changes and new features in the version of MeshFusion that comes with Modo 901 (and that will be available in the upcoming MeshFusion 801 Kit update). More on The Foundry’s forum….


GMH v.2.6 for Maya 2015 and above

 Compatible with: Maya 2015 and on-ward – Script format: Mel – Primary platform: Window GMH2 (Geo Maya Hair 2) is a more advanced version of GMH script, specialized in hair modeling & stylizing, developed by Phung Dinh Dzung at Thunder Cloud Studio. User can easily model complex hair styles using traditional polygon modeling method and convert to Maya […]


Gumroad – Expressive Facial Rigging by Josh Sobel

A 4hr+ tutorial series walking through the concepts and steps required to set up a Maya facial rig using the techniques I rely on. Moderate rigging experience is recommended. All videos are 1080p MP4s and are available to both stream and download.


3DMotive – Introduction to Unity 5

Software: Unity – Author: Alan Thorn – Skill Level: Beginner – Video Length: 02:37:52 In this course, instructor Alan Thorn explains everything you need to get started in Unity 5, even if you’re completely new to game development. Through clear and concise examples, he will be exploring the basics of Unity in a practical context and be covering topics ranging […]


Modo 901 MeshFusion features to be available for 801 users

According to a recent post by Darrel Anderson, developer of MeshFusion, all of the modeling features available for MeshFusion for Modo 901 will be included in the next MeshFusion for 801 Kit (which is expected to come out at same time as Modo 801 SP 5). More on The Foundry’s forum….


MayaStar Rigging System for Fitted Mesh & Regular Mesh v4.3

MayaStar is a plugin rigging system for Autodesk Maya. It works with Maya 8.0 through 2015. It should work with Maya 7 and earlier but one Maya Binary file will have to be adapted so send me Cathy Foil a notecard if you have an earlier version. Much of MayaStar will work with Maya LT […]


Gumroad – 8 Substance Materials

A substance material for Substance Painter and Substance Designer, using the Metallic PBR workflow (Base Color, Roughness, Height, Metallic), in the sbsar format. The material preview was made in Substance Painter by assigning the material and tweaking it’s parameters for various parts.


3dtotalshop – Character design: Costumes

Author: Ltd – Format: PDF – Size: 34 MB – Pages: 39 Take your characters to the next level with this expert guide to costume design! Whether you want to create an evolving plot of color, change the social status of a character, or explore a period of history through visual design and garments, this tutorial e-book […]