October 2014


CGSociety – Environment Modelling for Games

Date released: 04 Aug 2014 – Format: flv – Size: 18.6GB  – File projects: included David Baldwin has spent the last few years designing playable environments for titles like the Uncharted franchise at Naughty Dog. He joins us now to share his design and development process – starting in Maya and taking you all the way […]


101 Autodesk Maya Tips

It’s your lucky day! 3D artist and Maya® expert Dave Girard is giving away over 12 years worth of Autodesk® Maya® tips and tricks cheap! As an art director, 3D illustrator, writer, blogger, Maya® tester and efficient-workflow nut, Dave has been in the trenches with Maya on multiple OS platforms for over 12 years and […]


ianimate – Workshop 1 Introduction to Feature Quality Animation & Animating the Blurp character with dialog in Maya

In this 14 week workshop we will be polishing your principles of Animation, Paths of Actions, 2D and /or CG planning process, while reinforcing students initial body mechanics, overlapping actions and walks with a focus on acceleration and deceleration. http://www.ianimate.net/workshops/feature.html Project files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5-Bm2eO4rPiZEJfb2JOYThVYU0/view?usp=sharing

No Picture

MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G Graphics Card Review

We have taken a look to one of a gamers’ dream graphics card based on new Nvidia Maxwell chip. And it’s unbelievable, but we cannot find any drawbacks in MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming. And now we will try to convince you of its advantages.


Tutorials 3D – How to create a 3D model for a Merkava Mk II

Download the tutorials in html format or request a CD Great detail level and step by step explanation. Lessons: 15 –  Detail images: 401 – Progress files: 31 – Aprox. duration: 20-25 days http://tutorials3d.com/eng/tut_sheet.asp?tut_id=10 Modeling Lesson 1 Preliminary • Reference images positioning Lesson 2 Wheels (I) • Editable poly. Modeling the wheels • Splines. Lathe modifier. • Arrays Lesson […]