August 2014


CGCircuit Lesson – 3D Character Art For Games I

Released on: April 2013 – Category: Digital 3D – Software: ZBrush , Autodesk Maya – Level: Intermediate – Duration: 93:6 min –  Price: Free Tutorial Description: This video series is aimed at intermediate level artists who already have working knowledge of how to make game character models, but need guidance to obtain more professional results. Although some technical instruction is given, the main goal […]


Dog Fx In Maya

Educator : Amin Sadeghvand | Subject : VFX | Software : Maya 2014  | Level : High | Duration : 1 h   | Volume :  520 MB| Quality : HD | Language : English  In this tutorial you will learn about an efficient technique for the destruction and fragmentation of moving objects and the process of making a professional work in Maya, Furthermore,by […]

No Picture

Crucial MX100 Review: An SSD for the Masses

Crucial has dropped the price per gigabyte of SSD storage below the $0.5 mark and it is not a sale of old products. We’re talking about a promising new model with high performance, excellent features and good reliability. What’s the hitch? Let’s find out right now!


Digital Tutors – Game Optimization Techniques in Unity

Duration: 1h 12m  – Level: Intermediate – Project Files: Included –  FPS: 15 – Format: MP4 In this series of tutorials we will discuss some helpful tips and techniques for optimizing your games in Unity. To get started we’ll discuss some of the main issues that arise with game performance and how we can determine what […]